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We take our time and clean your dog’s teeth carefully and thoroughly by hand. A safer holistic approach.

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The New Ultrasound Teeth cleaning For Dogs.  
Welcome to a new natural approach to Dental Cleaning...

The Ultrasound Pet Toothbrush Kit made in Germany – The best Pet Toothbrush in the world.

60,000 Ocillations of gentle Ultrasound to kill bacteria and break down tartar.


We are excited to announce that we offer the new ultrasound (no vibration) cleaning technology treatment.

This is a Sedation Free dental cleaning treatment, that uses non-vibrating sonic technology to clean your dog's teeth. This treatment eliminates the need to put your pets to sleep and potentially at risk, just for a dental cleaning. We offer a non-surgical alternative for keeping your pet happy and healthy with our non-stressful dental clean at Pawz First. 

Dental disease is the most common health issue for dog's over the age of 3 years. This can also have potential knock-on effects for the heart and liver. 

Why The New Ultrasound Is superior For Dog Teeth Cleaning?

  • Cleans deep in the gum pockets, removes plaque and tartar and destroys bacteria.

  • Reduces gum inflammation.

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Cleans with oscillations

  • Cleans without movement, vibration or noise.

  • Cleans where bristles cannot reach.

  • Reduces mouth Odour.

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Our Services

Dogs will require up to 5 initial 30 minute sessions.

2-3 sessions are usually for dogs with moderate plaque & staining which will be assessed at the first treatment. 3-5 initial sessions are for moderate to hard tartar build up.  After the intensive cleaning period (No tartar present) your dog can move to maintenance teeth cleaning within your dog's grooming appointment. This will limit everyday build up causing hard tartar to return. 

Why would you anaesthetise ?  

Do you really think we should be Anaesthetising pets every year for a Teeth Clean?

The overall cost for Anaesthesia, Sedation and time spent in the clinic. Plus, blood work, Fluids and X-rays prior to the surgery. This all adds up. Yes, it's expensive!


So don't delay and put it off. Pet's need Dental Cleaning.

Book a Dental Clean naturally. Ultrasound cleaning will bring those teeth back to health along with the gums too, in no time and your pooch will be happy and unaffected by the whole experience.


We have limited spaces for teeth cleaning, and this service is currently only offered to our regular grooming clients at this time!!

To book... ask at your next grooming appointment or contact us your interest by our contact form below. 

We are dependent on positive pet behaviour and their good health to proceed with this service.  We generally achieve good results, this is not guaranteed. If we are unable to proceed with the cleaning appointment (at our sole discretion), you will not be charged and referred to your vet for further advice.

At this time only accepting our regular grooming dog clients for teeth cleaning... 

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it is not unusual if a dog requires 7 Initial 

teeth cleaning as the first two is a training need. 

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