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Dear Regulars And New Customers,

Unfortunately, I need to inform you of a price increase. Since Dog Grooming from Ocean Drive, (Home based.

 8 years ago) there has only been two price increases, this is not sustainable due to the large increase in the cost of supplies, utilities and more.… Inflation increases every year, we also need to follow suit.

With being a one on one groomer I do have/get a lot of nervous dogs, dogs that take longer than the specified time, they take longer to groom and that extra time has to be added to the groom price. $20 - $15 Minutes. 

Tiny Size is now obsolete, Most Tiny dogs are taken the same time as a small dog, and in some cases even the same time as a medium to Large dog.  There will be only 3 sizes .... Small / Medium / Large

 -4 weeks Schedule has increased 5% 

 -6 weeks Schedule -10% to 15%

 -Comfort Style (5% 4wk)  to (10% 8 weeks) Short Shave

Dogs groomed over the scheduled groom/time $20 will remain the same price. I must enforce this as I have not been doing so. Customers who are late booking or push the groom out, the $20 applies.  The groom takes longer, matting starts to forms around the 4 weeks, drying the over long coat tangles, extra work taken to reshape the overlong fur. Dogs behaviour change when the groom takes longer. The extra time and effort will to be added. 

People's assumption of a dog groomer is only using a pair of clippers to do the job! 

Below, is what is required to run a grooming business…

Utilities: Water, Electric, Gas (At a Higher Business Tariff)

(hot water, hairdryers, clippers. Aircon- to cool and heat the work area) Towels machined- washed



Annual Water waste permit fee

Annual Council business Permit fee


Supplies: Quality Professional Shampoos & Conditioners. Ear flush cleaner. Pet Safe Detergent, pop bags. gloves, wipes, face masks. Washing p­­­owder liquid /conditioner for towel.

Regular sharpening of Scissors and Blades. Special Blade wash and clipper and blade oil. Clipper drive replaced annually. Stationary, ink. Quality treats$, deliveries and more.


More: Liability Insurance

Efpos Machine and Phone. 

Website & Booking System

Repairs & Work area maintenance.

And not to forgot a Wage and Taxes.


Again, The cost of consumables plus the delivery as well as gas, water, and electricity, have all increased significantly.


I hope you understand that it's important for me to continue to deliver the same VIP service to your pet that I always have. To do this and not compromise on the quality of service, products/materials I use and to give your beloved pet the best they are accustomed to, I have no other choice. If you do have any questions don’t hesitate to give me a call and we can chat about it. Regard Diane - Pawz First Groomers. 

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